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As this is an unofficial web site, information we have regarding John Miles is always difficult to come by. This is especially true for any forthcoming events that John may be playing.
For almost any question on the history of John Miles, his background, his career and performances, look no further than Stephen Carson, who can be contacted at scottmark@supanet.com Stephen is happy to be contacted on anything John Miles related although for business enquiries feel free to include John's management (see below).
For all questions regarding John Miles music, you should contact Bimal Jangra at hermits@btinternet.com, who has a comprehensive collection of sheet music, and is an excellent guitarist himself.
JV IJohn Miles is exclusvely represented by Velvet Management. John Miles' Management's website is located here.http://www.johnmilesmanagement.com If contacting them directly please mention the John-Miles.net website.
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