I was born 29 years ago in Jarrow. My musical education followed the usual pattern of events. Piano lessons from the age of 5 (which were boring) and then trying to persuade my dad to buy a guitar for me when I was still at Grammar School.

It was about this time that I joined my first semi-professional group "The Influence". As a band we didn't last that long, so when "The Influence" split up I decided to form "The John Miles Band". We went down really well in clubs in the North and Midlands, so well in fact, that we decided to try and get a recording contract.

Bob Marshall and I travelled down to London with our manager Cliff Cooper. While Cliff visited the Record Companies, Bob and I stayed at home and wrote songs.

Eventually we signed a deal with Decca Records. Our first album was called "Rebel" and produced by Alan Parsons. Now, three albums later Alan and I have been working together again on the new one, "More Miles Per Hour".

Finally, on behalf of the Crew and myself, have a good flight.

These pages are devoted to John Miles' very successful European Tour in 1979.

I would like to thank Neil Martland for lending me the brochure, and providing some of the scans.