"Where Would I be Without You" is a strong ballad that grows on you and was released by Arista as a single with "Fella In the Cellar" as it's B side.
"Do it all Again" is a fast paced rocky number with some superb keyboard and drumming. "Sympathy" completes the trio of tracks. Like its UK original it is short, but somehow does not have the same edge or pace. "Sympathy" also became the "B" side to Arista's 2nd Stateside offering of "C'est La Vie".
Billboard in March of 1980 recommended the album to its readers. ` "Sympathy," is a solid effort anchored by mature songwriting and to the mark instrumentation and arrangements.' They chose "Sympathy", "We All Fall Down", "C'Est La Vie", "Can't Keep A Good Man Down", as their "Best Cuts". They also described John as "an artist with the potential to break big in the mainstream progressive rock market" and went on further to say "Miles has a good high rock voice, which he can bring down for effect and which serves him very well here".
Therefore, there were US critics who appreciated him as well as in the UK.
Stephen Carson

Having picked four favourites from the More Miles per Hour album, it is interesting to see whether the three tracks on Sympathy, which are different, has changed my opinions of the others
Where Would I Be Without You is a very promising start. I like the intro, as for a first track immediately sparks interest in the album. I especially like the backing guitar and harmonies. The guitar solo also appeals. A good one.
Sympathy itself also starts well. It moves along at a good pace, although I find there is nothing outstanding to remark on.
Do It All Again I do not like at all. Very repetitious, and I find rather boring. Sorry John.
So, having lost Oh Dear, I am quite happy to replace this with Where Would I Be Without You as number four. The Sympathy list then reads:

1: Fella in the Cellar
2: It's Not Called Angel
3: Can't Keep A Good Man Down
4: Where Would I Be Without You
John Webster

1: Do It All Again
2: Fella In The Cellar
3: It's Not Called Angel
4: Sympathy
Dan McVeigh