1. In This LifeMainly the Company (along the lines of Consider Yourself from Oliver)
2. I must leave the TyneMainly Sara Murray about leaving behind her mother and taunts for not having a father
3. Someone Out ThereYoung Tom and Catherine
4. The Power of DrinkJohn Miles singing Catherine's mother's song (she was an alcoholic). Has a 1,2,3, Oom Pah Pah type rhythm.
5. Something SpecialJohn Miles and Sara Murray (Good duet that sounds like it could have been from Beauty & The beast)
6. The First Time I Saw YouJohn Miles and Sara Murray. A gliding waltz type rhythm in this song.
7. I Need Your LoveJohn Miles and Sara Murray. Love Song not to be confused with the Transition Track
8. This LoveJohn Miles and Sara Murray. Very strong and passionate love duet.
9. The First Time I Saw You (reprise)Sara Murray or Angela Szalay? NOT a straight copy of the first but a more despairing version as the Nan of Catherine who loved her but got none in return.
10. Love at the Star of The SeaJohn Miles and Sara Murray and Company about Catherine & Tom getting married.


11. Hanging on to LifeSara Murray. Heartfelt song about her (Catherine's) illnesses.
12. Believe In DreamsJohn Miles and Sara Murray. This one concerns Tom as a school teacher.
13. Blessed With PeaceSara Murray
14. Go Back home John Miles and Sara Murray. Another very strong Duet. Even a small guitar solo.
15. Knight In Shining ArmourJohn Miles and Sara Murray. Bouncy song. Again sounds like a song from a musical like Me & My Girl or one of Fred Astaire's films.
16. I Need Your Love (reprise)John Miles on his own this time sung after Catherine has died. Sadder than the 1st version.

5,8,14 and 16 are my favourite tracks. I think 8 and 14 are tracks that would not be out of place with some of the many duets that have graced the charts over the years. Sara Murray's vocals are marvellous in my opinion. John's voice is lower than we have come to expect but that is to give contrast to the female voice.

Where can I buy the CD?

The CD is available (limited stocks) for sale at the following web address: This site also has some useful background information about the musical.

Where can I see it?

Unfortunately you cannot at present as its run finished on October 2nd 1999. However, there are high hopes that a backer can be found for a nation-wide tour and I believe John's manager Cliff Cooper is involved in the negotiations.

Stephen Carson